Friday, October 12, 2012

Forgotten Dreamscapes - This Place, Where Destiny is Made

This work is crude, like a strange, shamanic-looking figure carved into a cave wall.  It is vague, utilizing extremely short or limited phrases, creating a sense that the life and spirit of that unattainable fantasy is now but an incorporeal, transparent ghost, truly forgotten.  There is little beauty or ugliness here, merely the shell of something that once might've been magnificent, now reduced to near-unrecognizable rubble.  There is a hint of some ancient magic in this scattered, dusty debris, though it has long since been buried by the winds of time.  Perhaps it is as some spot in an ancient desert, where the corners of several pillars are almost imperceptibly surfacing from the sands.

There is not too much I have to say about this work.  It is quite primitive, however it feels like a very honest and genuine attempt at grasping that mysterious realm through music.  In a way it might be an unpolished gem, but so unpolished that the gem lies deep within, with nothing but rock visible, surrounding it.  If it is to be appreciated it would take quite some mental effort by the listener, I think perhaps a bit too much.

Now that said, this feels like an early effort, in the sense that I see definite sincerity in this work, which suggests great potential in the artist.  I look forward to his future works, which I have a feeling will have more depth and beauty.  Not that there is none to be found here.  I think it's quite worth listening to, as really primitive dungeon synth has its own unique charm, allowing more room for the listener to explore his own fantasies, merely providing the seeds for the visions to grow in the dreamer's mind.

The album can be downloaded for free here:


  1. This is great, a really charming piece of simple but effective DS. Do you have any more information on the artist, I can't find anything at all?

  2. Unfortunately I don't. The guy contacted me through email, asked for a review, and said that at this point he doesn't have a band page, and would be happy if this first work was just released through a link on the blog.

  3. I've been listening to this loads over the past couple of days, it's captivating. The only thing that lets it down are the vocal samples (especially the pitch-shifted ones). It has a similar feel of nostalgia to Erang in places. I hope whoever is responsible for this continues with it.

  4. I really like it, except for the vocal samples as the guy above said.

  5. Hi Andrew, I am curious to now if you ever had any more contact with whoever made this? It is still an intriguing release; there is more than a hint of Til Det Bergens Skyggene's sound lurking in there.

    1. No, I never heard anything else from the guy. I'm curious what he's up to as well.

  6. I don't know if this page is still even alive, but i'd like too know if anyone, anywhere, as heard more from this guy. Easily one of my all time favorites, right beside Wongraven and Depressive Silence.