Friday, December 13, 2013

Mixtape 02

DStapeA2 (pure dungeon synth):


01. Taur Nu Fuin - The Mountain Path
02. Undiscovered Moons of Saturn - Drowning in Magellanic Clouds
03. De Occulta Philosophia - Seventh Poseidon's Siren
04. Septic Flesh - Mythos (Part1 Elegy, Part2 Time Unbounded)
05. Капiшча - Калі ўвахожу я ў лес
06. Enid - Satan and Candida
07. Lord Lovidicus - Flying Past Extrasolar Wonders

DStapeB2 (free from genre constraints, at least related to dungeon synth in spirit):  

01. Pogo - Tunnels (Howl's Moving Castle Remix)
02. Amber Asylum - Riviera
03. Utred - Armorial Beast
04. Ultima IV - Intro
05. Arcana - Like Statues in the Garden of Dreaming
06. Midnight Odyssey - As Dark and Ominous as Stormclouds
07. Ice Ages - Eternal Sleep
08. Shadowgate - Entryway
09. Dimmu Borgir - For All Tid
10. Gail Laughton - Lemuria 16,000 B.C.


  1. Finally I've got some time to listen them.
    It's remarkable how the first tape shows the wide scope of the dungeon synth genre.
    Thanks for the mixtapes!

  2. Hi, great blog! Just a short question: does anyone know what kind of synth Mortiis used in the recording of his side project "Cintecele Diavolui"? Thanks!

  3. Its a long time since you write something new. Will you continue with this blog? I miss it very much!