Friday, November 15, 2013

Mixtape 01

This post is a bit different from the usual content on here.  I decided to use the various tracks publicly exposed on youtube to put together a dungeon synth mixtape of sorts.  The first playlist, the "A Side," is pure dungeon synth.  The second, the "B Side," goes beyond dungeon synth, but is generally related in some way.  I may veer completely off-course for the B-Sides, here and in future playlists.  For both sides I try to mostly focus on stuff I haven't already covered on the blog.  I'd like to do more of these in the future, so I hope you guys enjoy the selections.

DStapeA1 (pure dungeon synth):

01. Heidenreich - Todeswunsch / The Prophet's Sacrifice
02. Ilmarin - Dance of the Elves
03. Erang - The Lonelyness Of The Stone Giant
04. Wojnar - Untitled
05. Olgerd - Eldar's Forest
06. Gvasdnahr - Seier
07. Evilfeast - Ode to a Rising Fullmoon
08. Soulside Eclipse - Cave

DStapeB1 (free from genre constraints):

01. Golden Axe II - Castle Gates
02. Mort Garson - Solomon's Ring
03. Nokturnal Mortum - Black Moon Overture
04. Perfect Dark - Carrington Villa Hostage One
05. The Days Of The Trumpet Call - I Saw No Temple In The City
06. Pogo - Dungeon Heart
08. Limbonic Art - Arctic Odyssey
09. Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows - Question(s) Beyond Terms (Who Is Confronting The Impossible?)
10. Osamu Shoji - 宇宙空間
11. Carpathian Forest - The Last Sigh Of Nostalgia
12. Lorn - Diamond


  1. I've always thought Sopor Aeternus' early stuff is very much fitting into the Dungeon style.

    1. It's got a very similar sensibility for sure, especially her side-project Nenia C'Alladhan.

  2. The Carpathian Forest demos have some very eerie intros and interludes. I'd love to hear an album done in this style; it has a very archaic and mysterious-sounding ambience.

    1. I couldn't agree more. I really wish they had stuck with that sound.