Monday, January 14, 2013

Some things...

I apologize for the lull in activity.  I have no excuse, so I'm not going to attempt make one, however I will try to get back to posting something every week or two. 

Despite my lack of posting, I've still been adding things to the list during this time, largely thanks to helpful hints from the very active fellows behind the Russian VK dungeon synth page here:

There is a new blog created by Balbulus (who has also let me know about a lot of ds works that I've missed).  It is based around that close parallel style of music to dungeon synth, which is the more droning, texture-focused, and compositionally minimalistic synth music that I've referred to as "nature" and "ice-landscape" music.  He dubbed it "winter synth" and appropriately gave his blog the same name.  It is a genre which is just as neglected and unknown as dungeon synth, which I unfortunately lacked the time or personal interest in the style to address myself.  So far it seems very promising, and I think any dungeon synth fan will find it to be very interesting and deserving of support:

For anyone that was interested in more Til Det Bergens Skyggene releases, including "Vandringen I (Skoglandskap)," which I've reviewed and found to be one of my favorite new releases in the genre, they have recently been given a wider production by the artist, and can be purchased from him here:

Also, I've just been told by the man behind Abandoned Places that he has a new album out, and if my recent productivity in posting on here is any indication, it might be a while before I can give it a proper review.  So I figure for now it's best to just let you guys know that it's out:

That is all for this quick update.

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