Sunday, June 10, 2012

An Update to the List

I just updated the list, for anyone who might be interested.  I added dates to all the works, which might be helpful in getting a better sense of the various demos and albums without having to look up each one.  I also added links for the works which the artists allow to be downloaded or streamed freely.  And I seem to find out about a new or obscure work at least every month or two, so if you haven't glanced through the list in a while, it might be worth your time to do so.

Thanks to everyone who listens to and supports this genre.  May the mystical dream carry us into eternity.


  1. The post linked here isn't available. Could you please put the list up again somewhere?

    1. Ah, excuse me, just got to the post where you explained your decision on the list. Never mind -
      this is nontheless a great blog, thank you for your effort.

    2. Thanks man. I'm thinking I probably should've kept the post but just stopped working on, but oh well, I wanted to thoroughly burn that bridge. Somebody kindly preserved it here:

    3. Thanks a lot.